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We are always recruiting co-facilitators for additional formation groups! Let Gail know if you would be interested!


Renew Class: we offer this class regularly, both in-person + virtual, to serve both as class for people seeking the rite of Confirmation or looking for a general orientation to the Episcopal Church's theology, worship, and devotional life. Email Gail at to sign up! Virtual option: knowing that we have a lot of different schedules out there AND we want people to get to know each other, as you sign up, let me know if you are doing the virtual option so I can pair you with someone else doing that too, to be a prayer partner and to go through the discussion/reflection questions together! Virtual class will be posted on YouTube and emailed out.


Here's what the first version of the class looked like:

The Rule of St. Benedict | YouTube & handout

Baptism & Confirmation | YouTube & handout

Book of Common Prayer | handout

Holy Eucharist | YouTube & handout

History of Faith | handout

Denomination, Communion, Polity | YouTube & handout

How to be a congregation | YouTube & handout

Relational Mission |  handout

Spirituality & Relationships in the second half of life—join in this retreat to reflect on how you relate to your spouse/partner, family, friends and your own spirituality. Anthony Delmedico, PhD and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, will be with us to lead sessions and reflections. The retreat kicks off with a potluck dinner at Rev. Gail’s house on Friday night, with an introductory session to set up the weekend from Dr. Delmedico, and continues at the church on Saturday.

Register here:

Dr. Delmedico has a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with an Emphasis in Psychotherapy and a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. He has researched and written about parenting, fatherhood, divorce, and sexual abuse. He  is the founder and executive director of First Haven, a nonprofit that provides timely psychological self-help resources to people ages 15 and older who have experienced sexual abuse. He’s based in Raleigh, NC, and locally in Lynchburg, he’s worked with the HEART Project at University of Lynchburg, and held workshops for emergency responders and the YWCA.

Follow along on our Psalm podcast, Trinity + LYH, a resource on reading the Psalms devotionally, on either Spotify or Apple Podcasts  (currently being used as a sermon podcast).

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