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“But who am I, and what is my people, that we should be able to offer so willingly in this manner? For all things come from Thee, and from Thine own have we given Thee. | 1 Chronicles 29:14


Offerings are made as an expression of faith and generosity and our gifts are ultimately identified with Christ's self-offering for our salvation as part of services.

As part of our 2023 stewardship campaign, members of the church have offered beautiful stories and testimony about why they worship here and give to support the Gospel ministries of the church:

  • Hear David Cox's beautiful talk about what faith and this church has meant to him, starting 41:56 at this link, plus his encouragement  that we have something very special here--and need to do something special to continue.

  • Mary Tinsley gave a moving stewardship talk, telling the story of how she and Eddie got married here, raised kids and grandkids in faith, and feel God’s love here. Watch her talk and testimony, starting at 39:06, on both our YouTube and Facebook.

  • Watch Bob Farmer’s talk after the passing of the peace//at 32 minutes into the recording of the service. If you are praying about stewardship, if you want to know more about Trinity, if you want to hear about how God moves in our lives, if you want to hear about finding renewal in the church post-2020—this talk is for you.

During the offertory prayer in our worship service, we pray in gratitude for all of the gifts of time, talent, and treasure given at Trinity.  Our ministries and mission seeks to follow Christ out into the world--join in with your prayers, enthusiasm, and action! This church is financially sustained by our annual pledge drive

Ways to join in:


1. Fill out our digital pledge card

2. Give online through's secure system, here is our giving link.

3. If you are curious about planned giving, email Lisa, our administrator, and she will connect you with our endowment committee for more information.

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