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Service & Community

Fall 2022 partnership!

Outreach programs have and continue to be a major part of Trinity’s  community. With your donations to the “little red wagon”, we support the Lynchburg Area Food Bank. 

Trinity’s Outreach project this quarter is with Parkview Community Mission Our service project offers two ways that we can help folks in our community. The first program is called Food for Thought.

Parkview provides food bags on Friday to children in 26 area schools that are considered food insecure.  The bags include food for 3 dinners, 2 lunches and breakfasts, plus snacks. We are asking that you consider donating a box(s) of snacks for these bags.  The snack items they have requested are:

  • Granola bars                                                                                                                 

  • Rice Krispie treats

  • Fruit snacks in cups…like applesauce, mandarin oranges, pudding

There will be a box in the parish hall to collect these items. 

The second program is called The Clothing Connection.

 Parkview needs clean and gently used clothing for men, women, or children.  We are asked to remember that cold weather is coming, and many do not have warm clothes and maybe homeless or in home where heat is not always available. 

Suggested items are winter coats, gloves, stocking caps, socks, sweaters or heavy shirts…all sizes are needed. 

The Vestry room (the middle classroom in the Education wing) will have tables for you to put your donated items.


The collection time for all these donations is: Sunday, October 23 – Sunday, November 13.  Trinity has been and continues to be generous with helping others in the community.  We hope you will be able to help with either or both projects. Gaynelle Hart is also organizing a team for volunteer opportunities.   If you have questions, please speak to a member of the Outreach committee: Bob Flint, Gaynelle Hart, Jessica Orton, Sallie Cochran, or you can reach out to Gail.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Interfaith Outreach

Trinity belongs to Interfaith Outreach, which is a vehicle for interfaith cooperation in Central Virginia. A multi-denominational group whose objective is to relieve distress and improve the quality of life for people in need in Lynchburg and surrounding counties.

Trinity assists with: home repairs, utility expenses, donations (clothing for children, school supplies, food, Christmas presents)

Questions/Interested? Email or call our Parish Office (434) 384-2257.

Virginia Haiti Collaborative

Together with several local Episcopal Churches, we support a primary school in Cerca-la-Source, Haiti and have supported a student at a junior college in Les Cayes, Haiti. Mission trips are organized to Haiti at least once each year.

Blair Fairbrother's Haiti Article in Trinity, Staunton Annual Report 2016- 2017 (pdf)

Learn more about the Virginia Haiti Collaborative  and like us on Facebook.

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